Who is Keiko Fujimoto? All About Ramesh Balwani's Ex-Wife (2024)

Keiko Fujimoto is the ex-wife of Ramesh Balwani, the convicted erstwhile senior govt of Silicon Valley corporate, Theranos. The duo have been together all through the early phases of Ramesh’s career. While we do not know when they were given married, their marriage resulted in 2002 when Keiko filed for divorce.

Ramesh Balwani’s ex-wife is a Japanese-American former actress and TV persona who has starred in different films, including Unfair (2006), P.O.V. (1988), and Yoi Don! (2009), all of which aided her journey to the limelight. She is one who has at all times most popular a low-key way of life, but her ex-husband’s business scandal and infidelity modified her existence in such a lot of tactics.

Summary of Keiko Fujimoto’s Biography

  • Full Name: Keiko Fujimoto
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Keiko Fujimoto’s Husband: Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani (ex-husband)
  • Keiko Fujimoto’s Net Worth: $150,000
  • Famous for: Being an actress and ex-wife of convicted businessman, Ramesh Balwani

Keiko Fujimoto was Born in Tokyo, Japan

Keiko Fujimoto is a Japanese-American who was once born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. It is believed that she is mostly of Asian ancestry as there aren't any reports to show that she is mixed.

Keiko has stored information relating to her age, where, and when she was born away from the general public. However, she looks as if she is in her thirties or forties. She has not disclosed data regarding her family background, nor are there details regarding contributors of her beginning family.

She Schooled in the U.S. Where She Began Her Career

It is now not identified how the actress got her fundamental training, however Keiko Fujimoto is an alumnus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the place she studied Information Science and bought her Master of Science (MS). Thereafter, she moved in another country to the United States, where she pursued a profession in Technical Publishing and Acting.

She had her first career leap forward in 1994 in a Japanese tv series titled Takajin Mune Ippai. She made further growth as she performed a role as an announcer within the television mini-series in 2006 titled Unfair. Keiko took complex social studies categories, and in a while, she were given a task as a translator for Monica Stein, which made her move to Los Angeles in past due April 2009.

Reports show that she works as a Technical Publications manager for an applied materials production company. She makes an average annual salary of about $150,000.

Keiko Fujimoto was once Married to Ramesh Balwani

Keiko Fujimoto and Ramesh Balwani have been married for quite some time and lived together in San Francisco, California. She could have gotten her American citizenship because of her marriage to Ramesh.

News about Keiko and Ramesh’s marriage got here immediately. Neither of the pair has spoken about how they met, or the beginning of their then love tale, and the date of their marriage is no longer identified.

Reports have it that once Keiko’s marriage to Ramesh, she moved to the United States, where she got to work, until their divorce in December 2002. The explanation why for his or her divorce, despite the fact that no longer publicly disclosed, is no longer some distance from the business scandal and fraud investigation her erstwhile husband was once going through on the time. It’s our guess that the marital union may just no longer live on the warmth because the case unfolded.

Keiko Fujimoto’s Ex-Husband Ramesh Balwani is to Serve a 20-year Jail Term

Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani (Born 1965) hails from India. He is the previous president and Chief Operating Officer of the privately-held biotechnology testing corporate, Theranos. The health era corporate was once based by way of his ex-lover, Elizabeth Holmes, who was just 18 years old when the pair started having an affair.

The corporate to begin with offered the concept it had came upon a innovative blood checking out method that required very little amount of blood, just like the quantity that may be extracted from a finger stick. However, Ramesh and he is then-girlfriend have been operating the corporate without any type of coaching within the health or scientific field.

While he was once the CEO of Theranos, the New York Times spotted that he was now signing the corporate papers as ‘Sunny Balwani’ as an alternative of ‘Ramesh Balwani’, which raised eyebrows because all his documents from the Nineties or even his divorce papers bore ‘Ramesh’ and now not ‘Sunny.’ Despite the revelation, he has not come forward with explanations as to why he changed his identify.

In 2015, the actions and happenings in Theranos changed into questionable through individuals of the general public, which drew the attention of the media and authorities. Balwani and his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Holmes, were charged to court docket with claims that they have been operating their industry as a multi-million-dollar scheme to misinform buyers and sufferers.

On the seventh of July, 2022, Balwani was convicted and charged with hundreds of thousands of greenbacks in fines and restitution and will serve up to a 20-year prison time period. At the time of this writing, his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth still awaits her sentencing, which has been set for September 26, 2022. She additionally faces a maximum prison sentence of as much as twenty years.

Why Did Keiko Fujimoto Divorce Ramesh Balwani?

Keiko and Ramesh have not printed the real reason for his or her divorce as both events have kept mum about it. However, speculations recommend that it should were a results of the connection between Ramesh and his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Holmes.

It has been published that Keiko Fujimoto’s ex-husband, Balwani, was having an affair with Elizabeth Holmes even on the time he was nonetheless married. The courting between Balwani and Elizabeth Holmes was also questionable as a result of besides the fact that he used to be a married guy, Holmes was once slightly an grownup.

The divorce took its toll on Keiko Fujimoto as she was once forced to relocate back to Japan and pick up the pieces of her life. Nobody plans to get married to a cheating husband who will turn out to be dubious at the same time. She now lives a low-key lifestyles and may also be termed a “social media ghost” as she seems to not have social media accounts.

Does Keiko Fujimoto Have Children?

Keiko Fujimoto didn't have any children from her union with Ramesh Balwani. This also could be observed as a reason for the quiet separation of the couple. However, there has now not been a document of Keiko having kids from any past relationships. We additionally do not know if she is in a present dating. Keiko is one who prefers a quiet lifestyles, away from the highlight.


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Who is Keiko Fujimoto? All About Ramesh Balwani's Ex-Wife (2024)
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